The Future of Packaging in Africa – Flexofit 2017 Seminars

The Flexofit GmbH is holding seminars in Africa and Asia to connect markets and people. We bring leading industry manufacturers from Europe and the US together with the most important printing companies from Africa.  After very successful seminars in 2016 in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mauritius and South Africa for 2017 we have preliminary planned the following seminars.

Flexofit 2017 Seminars:
The Future of Packaging in Africa

  • Flexofit Ethiopia Seminar: 2nd February 2017 in Addis Ababa
  • Flexofit Nigeria Seminar: 31st March 2017 in Lagos
  • Flexofit Tanzania Seminar: 8th May 2017 in Daressalam
  • Flexofit Kenya Seminar: 11th May 2017 in Nairobi
  • Flexofit Senegal Seminar: 20th June 2017 in Dakar
  • Flexofit Ghana Seminar: 4th September 2017 in Accra
  • Flexofit Côte d’Ivoire Seminar: 7th September 2017 in Abidjan
  • Flexofit Mauritius Seminar: 20th October 2017 in Port Louis
  • Flexofit South Africa Seminar: 24th October 2017 in Johannesburg
  • Flexofit Namibia Seminar: 27th October 2017 in Windhoek

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In our seminars together with world leading experts we present the latest technologies around Flexo printing, packaging, pre-press and more to the respective regional industry experts. According to our 2017 theme „The Future of Packaging in Africa“ we have selected the most interesting locations with the best speakers and presentations to bring the local industry the highest benefit.Flexofit Ghana Seminar audience listening to presentation 72

The networking and exchange around the seminar about specific local demands and industry communication is also a very valuable part of the seminars, which take place in world class hotels with international standard. Most seminars also feature table-top exposition with samples from leading manufacturers. All attendees receive a certificate of participation.

If you are interested in attending one of our seminars in 2017, please do get in contact with us by email or just call +49 162 88 03 888. We are looking forward to meet you and make you fit in Flexo!

3rd Flexofit Kenya Seminar: Chespa to produce in East Africa

After the great success and the high demand following the 2015 and the 2016 events, we held our third Flexofit Kenya Seminar in Nairobi on 11th May 2017 as well as the second Flexofit Tanzania Seminar on the 8th May in Dar Es Salaam.

Both seminars sported a comprehensive range of presentations from international suppliers. The broad audience of local industry staff, represented by top management at both locations followed the presentations with keen interest. Special topics and discussions included prepress, plate making, printing devices and facilities, as well as techniques and waterbased solutions.

Investments in Kenya

Marek Siekiera Flexofit Kenya Seminar 2017
Marek Siekiera, CEO Chespa

Marek Siekiera, CEO of Poland based Chespa Group, announced at the Flexofit Kenya Seminar, that his company is going to invest in production facilities locally in Nairobi.

He explained, that after attending several Flexofit seminars, his knowledge of the East African market requirements has led him to invest in Kenya. He continued to explain that the African market in general is an environment with a lot of potential growth and possibilities in the near future, especially in the printing and packaging field.

Hans-Peter Hormann, General Manager of Flexofit, comments:

The Flexofit Kenya Seminar was one of our best seminars so far. The contacts we establish here by and with local businesses and international industry experts are already coming to fruition. I believe that our seminars really have an impact on several levels and produce mutual advantages on all sides.”

Participants at the Flexofit Kenya Seminar in Nairobi
Participants at the Flexofit Kenya Seminar in Nairobi

Fredric K. Muriungi, Director at Sanjac Packaging Ltd. in Nairobi highlights:

The Kenyan market is growing fast. We are seeing more new businesses every day and with them the demand for packaging and printing grows as well. Investing here seems like a smart move for international companies.


Attend the next Flexofit Africa Seminar in Dakar, Senegal on 20th June 2017 to learn more about the West African printing developments. Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritius, South Africa and Namibia Seminars are also upcoming in 2017.

The Flexofit Kenya Seminar was also featured on Flexoglobal and in Polish on Opakowanie.

Is Nigeria fit for Flexo?

After the great success and the high demand after the 2016 event we held our second Flexofit Nigeria Seminar in Lagos on 31st March 2017.

Special guest Professor Pierre Pienaar, Vice President of the World Packaging Organization shared insights into packaging developments worldwide and in Nigeria with the audience. The seminar with presentations from major international suppliers like Esko and Chespa attracted a broad audience of local industry staff. A discussion on the most important issues of the Nigerian printing market concluded the Seminar. It was agreed, that even though the political situation in Nigeria may sometimes be challenging, there is a growing market for packaging. While at the same time the supply of resources and devices is not yet at its full potential.

Representatives from highly successful local printing houses like Shongai Packaging, Studio Press Nigeria, VeePee Group and many other distinguished guests were inspired by the presentations from the international companies.

Here is a video from Nigeria Packaging that gives you a good insight, on how well the seminar was perceived.

Karla Grey, Managing Director of Flexofit comments:

The Flexofit Nigeria Seminar was an excellent opportunity to meet with the local industry and it was highly appreciated by all participants. Thanks to Ahmed Omah and his staff, who supported the seminar in the run-up this Flexofit seminar was the place to be for printing and pre-press companies from Lagos and from all over Nigeria.

M. Paramesh, Head of flexible Packaging from Studio Press elaborates:

The Nigerian market has a lot of potential, but it is rather difficult to obtain raw materials due to money exchange policies. If international companies started production in Nigeria directly, the country and the industry would benefit immensely.

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The event was also featured in Flexoglobal and in Flexpack Magazine.

If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming Flexofit Africa Seminars, please see here all events for 2017 or contact us directly via email.

Market insights from the Flexofit Ethiopia Seminar in Addis Ababa

What potential and opportunities for print and packaging has the fastest growing African economy?

Lentils and Rice in a supermarket in Addis Ababa
Supermarket in Addis Ababa

We held our first Flexofit Ethiopia Seminar in Addis Ababa on 2nd February 2017. Ethiopia is the largest economy in East and Central Africa as well as the fastest growing economy in Africa with a growth rate of annual average of 9.7 percent in the last three years. Industries here are mostly focused on agriculture and agro-processing with large amounts of exports to China and India. But for packaging these goods professionally there is a huge demand. Currently there is a shortage of materials, devices and technology in the country as well as learned professionals that handle machines and colors. Most packaging that is currently done in the country is facilitated with imported ready-made packaging.

The local packaging industry was thus delighted to meet with the international industry experts from well-known printing companies Esko, DuPont, Chespa, Renzmann and Windmöller&Hölscher at the Flexofit Ethiopia seminar. The presentations covered new innovations in prepress, flexo printing plates, inks, cleaning and recovery systems as well as flexo printing equipment, extruders and packaging technologies. The audience was eager to learn new strategies and concepts around the flexo and prepress-processes. Also the networking around the event was very much appreciated.

Insights into the Ethiopian market presented by Andreas Wobker (Regional Sales Manager Africa at Windmöller & Hölscher), Martin Plogmann (Sales Department Manager at Garant Maschinenhandel) and Julian Banse (Regional Manager Technical Sales Africa Extrusion Equipment at Windmöller & Hölscher)
Insights presented by Andreas Wobker, Martin Plogmann and Julian Banse

Indicators of growth in Ethiopia

As a further sign of the economic growth of Ethiopia right after the seminar the agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 exhibition took place. Paul März from fairtrade, the company behind this exhibition also gave a short presentation, highlighting that both agriculture and the packaging industries are growing and that there are multiple synergies in these areas for Ethiopia. The seminar was surrounded by a table top exposition with manifold opportunities for networking and discussions around the Ethiopian market for print and packaging.

All participants at the Flexofit Ethiopia Seminar in Addis Ababa
All participants at the Flexofit Ethiopia Seminar in Addis Ababa

The Ethiopian market is clearly brimming with growth. It is a great time and occasion for printers and manufacturers alike to look into this country as a partner and attractive sales market with long time potential.

Tsemru Akalmeskel, Operation Director 3 Y Flexible Packaging PLC comments:

The whole team delighted from the properly delivered fruit full knowledge at the seminar, with which we are extremely happy. I am so glad to be part of the seminar and hope this exchange will continue in the future.

Flexofit is aiming to encourage development in more African countries. Upcoming Flexofit Africa Seminars this year are taking place in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritius, South Africa and Namibia.

Flexofit Kenya Seminar in Nairobi

2nd Flexofit Kenya Seminar in Nairobi: World leading companies meet most important African tradeshops and printers

In October we held our second international Flexofit Seminar in Nairobi, Kenya. Last year the first ever Flexofit Africa Seminar also took place here, in the Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi. This year over 40 attendees from the region, including representatives from Africa’s most important tradeshops Polyflex, Flexoworld, Kul Graphics and Amar Graphics met with European industry experts from world leading printing industry companies.

A presentation by Hilde van Eetvelde, Software Application Specialist and Johan Bastiaen, Sales Manager Africa, both from Esko, Belgium introduced the latest products and the offering of Esko to the Kenyan market. Next up Alfred Porr, Sales Manager from Renzmann, presented the latest inventions in distillation and cleaning units for Flexo from his company.

201610_Flexofit Kenya Seminar_Group

During the course of the seminar discussions about education and lifelong learning developed with a special focus on the institutional settings and possibilities in Kenya and Africa in general. As a result of the discussion a 3-day seminar on prepress, plate making and printing to further educate industry professionals was planned for 2017.

Products, samples and further information on devices and machines from Windmöller & Hölscher and Tesa were shown in the table top exhibition presented by the distributors from the region that surrounded the seminar. The networking around the event was mutually perceived as very valuable.

The feedback on the seminar from the attendees was very positive. Frederic Muriungi, Sanjac Packaing Ltd., Kenya commented: “Thanks to Flexofit for taking the time to come and showcase their expertise, we learnt a lot. We would love to have some trainings locally. The seminar was informative and educative, I am looking forward to the next seminar!”

This seminar was also reported on by FlexoGlobal, Flexpack, and Global Print Monitor.


Flexofit Ghana Seminar in Accra

This September we held our first Flexofit Ghana Seminar in Accra. The Labadi Beach Hotel welcomed European industry experts from world leading printing industry companies and the local expert audience in the Omanye Conference Centre.

Flexofitseminar Ghana Gruppe 72

We had a world class selection of speakers: Hilde van Eetvelde, Software Application Specialist and Pierre Feltgen, Sales Manager from Esko in Belgium introduced their company to the Ghanaian market. Next up Vincent Marzin, Sales Manager Germany from Tesa presented the latest company inventions. DuPont de Nemours showed their impressive advancements in the flexo printing industry. An introduction to the latest innovations in flexo printing from Chespa in Poland was offered by Tomasz Maraszek, Area Sales Manager and Marek Siekiera, CEO of Chespa.

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At the end of the day an open discussion on the challenges of the printing industry in Ghana delivered valuable insights both to the European speakers as well as the participants of the seminar. The networking around the event was mutually perceived as very valuable.

To see what Flexo & Gravure Global reported on this seminar, please click here. Also covered the seminar, please see here.

Pre Drupa Flexofit Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria

The Flexofit GmbH successfully held their first Flexofit Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of April. Presentations on the latest developments in Flexo printing from international industry experts from world leading printing industry companies delighted the expert audience: top managers from companies like SPN, VeePee Group and Coca-Cola (Nigerian Bottling Company) amongst other representatives of the Nigerian Packaging industry.

The General Secretary of the IOPN (Institute of Packaging Nigeria) Ahmed Omah, also a member of the APO (African Packaging Organisation) gave an insightful talk on the African market situation.

This was followed by a special discussion forum around the obstacles in the packaging industry in Nigeria led by Jacob Bejer (Heidelberg Nigeria), Marek Siekiera (Chespa), Ahmed Kassem (CocaCola) and others.

Group -Lagos-web Flexofit Nigeria
Group picture with all participants in the Flexofit Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria

As a special guest Jacek Kusmierczyk, Chancellor of the Gutenberg society and owner of Grafikus and other Polish printing houses, held a presentation about the special challenges regarding education and training of employees in Africa.

Hans-Peter Hormann, General Manager, Flexofit, comments

The seminar was a chance for us to present our offer to the Nigerian industry. We received a very warm welcome and the atmosphere in the seminar was exciting and vibrant – especially the forum around the development of the packaging industry in Nigeria got high engagements and delivered huge values for our participants. We also saw a lot of networking around the presentations which achieved fruitful interaction. We are looking forward to our upcoming Flexofit Seminars in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius and expect a similar successful outcome for all parties involved.

This was also published by Flexo and Gravure Global and

First Flexofit Seminar in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

1510 Flexofit Flexo Audience Nairobi Kenya

The Flexofit GmbH from Germany is holding their Pre-Drupa Flexofit Seminar in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on 17th March 2016.

International industry experts from well-known printing industry companies Chespa, Du Pont de Nemours, Esko, Renzmann, Tesa and Windmöller&Hölscher, will present insights and developments around the flexo printing process and products. Hands on presentations and networking frame the daylong seminar. Interested printing professionals from Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia are expected to attend this industry networking event.

Flexofit founder Hans-Peter Hormann comments:

In our seminars we are matchmakers that put the right people together. Experienced producers from Europe and the U.S. meet the leading printers in African countries. This is our first seminar in Tanzania in 2016. We are looking forward to a very interesting and insightful panel of industry experts as well as meeting and networking with many long time contacts.”

Flexofit will also be present at the Plast-Print-Pack-Paper East Africa 2016 which takes place from 18th – 20th March in the Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar Es Salaam. If you are interested in a meeting there, get in touch with us

Upcoming Flexofit seminars this year are taking place in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Mauritius. Stay tuned for upcoming information!

This information was also published in German on Flexo+Tiefdruck and in English on Flexo Gravure Global, Narrow Web Tech and Flexpack.

Flexofit-Seminar in Nairobi, Kenya

Our first Flexofit seminar in Nairobi, Kenya on the 8th October 2015 was a great success. We welcomed representatives of well-known European Flexo suppliers at the Ole Sereni hotel, where they gave presentations to the Kenyan audience. It was great to meet all our friends and customers from Kenya as well as new faces and share with them the benefits of our new business and the news of flexoprinting.

1510 Flexofit Nairobi Gruppenfoto

1510 Flexofit Presentation of Flexo Nairobi Kenya

More seminars are planned in the coming months. Watch this space for news about Flexofit workshops in Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.