3rd Flexofit Ghana Seminar great success

West Africa’s printing industry enjoys high-level educational training and networking

Once again we held a very successful Flexofit seminar in Accra, Ghana on the 29th October 2019. This year’s seminar had experts from internationally renowned companies, who shared the latest industry technology developments in printing and packaging. Most of which were only recently introduced at Labelexpo Brussels and „K“ Düsseldorf.

Prepress, plate making, printing devices and facilities, as well as technical solutions were covered in the talks and later discussed based on local challenges and changes. The subsequent networking around the seminar was perceived to be very valuable and let to further exchange on professional and personal knowledge.

Hans-Peter Hormann and James Agboli
James Agboli, from Royal Crown Packaging laudates the seminar:

“Attending the seminar has really broadened my knowledge in flexo, that will help and assist my flexo journey as a career. As an ink technician I thank Flexofit and am looking forward in attending other upcoming seminars.”

Hans-Peter Hormann, our General Manager, comments:

“Ghana is a rising star in the West African printing sphere. We see a strong development of the industry and expect further growth and professionalization in the near future. The impact of our previous seminars is already coming to fruition.“

Attendees at the 3rd Flexofit Ghana Seminar in Accra

School for Flexography in Uganda?

The Flexofit GmbH held a very successful Flexofit seminar in Kampala, Uganda on the 13th of June. International company representatives from Esko, Chespa, Renzmann, Nilpeter, Gama and Koenig & Bauer presented latest industry news and developments in printing and packaging to the expert audience in this East African country. Networking in KampalaThe presentations in the seminar covered a wide range of special topics and discussions. Prepress, plate making, printing devices and facilities, as well as techniques and water-based solutions were discussed in addition to local challenges and changes. The subsequent networking around the seminar was perceived to be fruitful, let to technical and economical discussions and thus generating mutual benefits.

Market insights: Uganda – School for Flexography

Uganda is an equatorial country, known for its coffee and tea exports as well as its wildlife. In the last twenty years the economy has had a yearly growth between five and ten percent. Recently new printing machines have been installed in the country and a better understanding of printing processes and improved quality of printing was noticed.
To improve the conditions further and establish a stronger industry, local companies are currently planning to set up a specialized education institution for printing technologies, ideally with the support of a Flexographic Technical Association (FTA).
Participants at the Flexofit Vietnam Seminar in Ho Chi Minh City

Hans-Peter Hormann, General Manager of Flexofit comments:

“The printing industry in Uganda is getting stronger and we believe the set-up of an internationally recognized school could really push the development of the local industry and help the population.“

5th Flexofit Kenya Seminar

Additionally, the 5th Flexofit Kenya Seminar was held on 18th of June in Nairobi.

„The Flexofit seminars offer us here in Kenya a great way to partake in the international printing scene and experience latest developments firsthand. We appreciate this continuous effort very warmly and enjoy the occurring synergies that bring prosperity for both the printing industry and our country“

Godfrey Otieno Adede, Printing specialist, stated.

This article was also featured in ME Printer, Flexoglobal and PrintWeek MEA.

Milestone: 25th Flexofit Seminar (Update!)

We are excited to welcome all local experts and business professionals to our first Flexofit Seminar in Cairo, Egypt on the 12th March 2019. This is our 25th seminar since we started out in 2015! See you in the Intercontinental Cairo on the Nile – if you haven’t booked yet, contact us through email!

Flexofit Egypt Seminar was a huge success!

We are very happy to report, that the Flexofit Egypt Seminar in Cairo went really well. Local top convertors and trade shops representatives enjoyed an informative and interactive day with international company representatives from Chespa, Renzmann/TCS and Esko. Latest industry news and developments in printing and packaging were presented. Also the networking around the seminar was perceived to be fruitful and generating mutual benefits. The table top exposition provided the interested audience with state-of-the-art samples and gave good grounds for technical discussions.
Participants at the Flexofit Egypt Seminar in Cairo
The Packaging Newsletter and Flexoglobal featured our Seminar with a report.

Flexofit Seminar Program 2019

For 2019 we are looking forward to again holding seminars both in Africa and Asia. Our highly praised seminars are a great place to learn, network and connect with industry experts. All our events take place in world class hotels with international standard. Most seminars also feature table-top exposition with samples from leading manufacturers. All attendees receive a certificate of participation.
This year for the first time seminars will take place in Egypt and in Algeria .

Complete list of 2019 Flexofit seminars


  • Flexofit Egypt Seminar: 12th March in Cairo
  • Flexofit Algerien Seminar: 11th April in Algiers
  • Flexofit Uganda Seminar: 13th June in Kampala
  • Flexofit Kenya Seminar: 18th June in Nairobi
  • Flexofit Ghana Seminar: 30th October in Accra

How to attend a Flexofit Seminar

If you are interested in attending one of our seminars in 2019, please do get in contact with us by email or just call +49 162 88 03 888.
We are looking forward to meeting you and making you fit in Flexo!

Milestone: 25 Flexofit Seminars

When we founded the Flexofit GmbH in 2015 we were looking forward to start a great adventure – and our seminars really have become a great source of inspiration, professional exchange for us and the people who work with us and visit the seminars. In October 2015 we held the first ever Flexofit Seminar in Nairobi, Kenya and look forward to our 25th Seminar in early 2019 in Cairo, Egypt.
Flexofit Nairobi Gruppenfoto

We’ve come a long way…

Right now, we are planning our seminars for 2019 – and have looked back to count our achivements. In the last three years we have not only earned a ton of frequent flyer miles, but also connected with so many great people all over Africa and Asia, shared experiences and established a strong network within the printing industry. If our good luck (and our professional skills) persist, we will hold our 25th Flexofit „Silver anniversary“ seminar in Egypt next March. So right now, we are sharing the history of our seminars with you.

It begins: 2015

1. Flexofit Kenya Seminar, Nairobi 8th October 2015 – take a look!


2. Flexofit Tansania Seminar, Daressalam, 16th March 2016 see more here!
3. Flexofit Nigeria Seminar, Lagos, 25th April 2016 – see more here!
4. Flexofit Ghana Seminar, Accra, 6th September 2016 see more here!
5. Flexofit Kenya Seminar, Nairobi, 4th October 2016 see more here!
6. Flexofit Mauritius Seminar, Port Louis, 7th November 2016
7. Flexofit South Africa Seminar, Cape Town, 10th November 2016


8. Flexofit Ethiopia Seminar, Addis Ababa, 2nd February 2017 – see Market Insights Ethiopia!
9. Flexofit Nigeria Seminar, Lagos, 31st March 2017 – see more here!
10. Flexofit Tanzania Seminar, Daressalam, 8th May 2017
11. Flexofit Kenya Seminar, Nairobi, 11th May 2017 – see more here
12. Flexofit Senegal Seminar, Dakar, 20th June 2017 – see more herethis was our first seminar that was held in French!
13. Flexofit Ghana Seminar, Accra, 4th September 2017
14. Flexofit Côte d’Ivoire Seminar, Abidjan, 7th September 2017
15. Flexofit Mauritius Seminar, Port Louis, 20th October 2017
16. Flexofit South Africa Seminar, Johannesburg, 24th October 2017
17. Flexofit Namibia Seminar, Windhoek, 27th October 2017 – more on these three seminars here!
Participants at the Flexofit Vietnam Seminar in Ho Chi Minh City

2018 – adding Asia to the map!

18. Flexofit SAGA Seminar, Nairobi, 1st March 2018 – learn more about SAGA!
19. Flexofit Kenya Seminar, Nairobi, 2nd March 2018
20. Flexofit Uganda Seminar, Kampala, 9th May 2018 – see more here!
21. Flexofit Thailand Seminar, Bangkok, 12th June 2018
22. Flexofit Vietnam Seminar, Ho-Chi-Minh-City, 20th June 2018 – more about the Asia Seminars!
23. Flexofit South Africa Seminar, Durban, 24th October 2018 – see more here!
24. Flexofit Moroco Seminar, Casablanca, 5th December

Milestone 25 seminars – silver jubilee in 2019!

We want to thank all of you, who are with us in this adventure! It is amazing to work with people from so many countries, to meet and share and grow together. We really look forward to seeing all of you again in 2019 and the future! If you are from Egypt, the Philippines, Algeria or Saudi Arabia prepare to become part of the world of Flexofit soon!

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new Year! Or, as we say in Germany:

Frohe Weihnachten
einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Participants at the Flexofit Vietnam Seminar in Ho Chi Minh City