Pre Drupa Flexofit Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria

The Flexofit GmbH successfully held their first Flexofit Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of April. Presentations on the latest developments in Flexo printing from international industry experts from world leading printing industry companies delighted the expert audience: top managers from companies like SPN, VeePee Group and Coca-Cola (Nigerian Bottling Company) amongst other representatives of the Nigerian Packaging industry.

The General Secretary of the IOPN (Institute of Packaging Nigeria) Ahmed Omah, also a member of the APO (African Packaging Organisation) gave an insightful talk on the African market situation.

This was followed by a special discussion forum around the obstacles in the packaging industry in Nigeria led by Jacob Bejer (Heidelberg Nigeria), Marek Siekiera (Chespa), Ahmed Kassem (CocaCola) and others.

Group -Lagos-web Flexofit Nigeria
Group picture with all participants in the Flexofit Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria

As a special guest Jacek Kusmierczyk, Chancellor of the Gutenberg society and owner of Grafikus and other Polish printing houses, held a presentation about the special challenges regarding education and training of employees in Africa.

Hans-Peter Hormann, General Manager, Flexofit, comments

The seminar was a chance for us to present our offer to the Nigerian industry. We received a very warm welcome and the atmosphere in the seminar was exciting and vibrant – especially the forum around the development of the packaging industry in Nigeria got high engagements and delivered huge values for our participants. We also saw a lot of networking around the presentations which achieved fruitful interaction. We are looking forward to our upcoming Flexofit Seminars in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius and expect a similar successful outcome for all parties involved.

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